Google Adwords

Google Ads can help you generate leads, increase your online traffic and scale your revenue.

Think of an AdWords specialist like a fishing guide for your paid advertising on Google.  The ocean is all the search traffic on Google, and Google’s partner sites.

Your AdWords account manager has to find the best spot in the ocean to fish for customers.  They also have to find the right bait – ads – to lure customers to your business.  And they have to bring in enough customers to make your fishing on Google profitable every month.

The best AdWords professionals can send a steady stream of highly motivated customers to your business, on a consistent basis.

But learning how to be effective in AdWords can be time-consuming and costly. Especially if you don’t understand the principles of PPC advertising.

Outsourcing AdWords management allows businesses to put their paid search advertising in the hands of trained professional.

AdWords management work involves

Doing Keyword research to find the best advertising opportunities

Mining search query reports to add new long-tail keywords, match types and negatives

Performing and acting on competitive analysis

Interpreting Adwords reports

Managing bidding strategies

Writing and testing new ads

Making adjustments to increase account performance

Type of Ads

Search Ads

Display Ads

Shopping Ads

Video Ads

Want to improve your website traffic, sales, leads and visibility?

We are all-inclusive PPC agency. Our Google Certified Professionals are well versed in meeting your business goals, knowing your target audience, and creating sharable and engaging content, and finally improving your online presence with social media. We have 7+ years’ experience within Digital Marketing, working with clients across the USA, Canada lead generation agency based in Gurgaon, India helping customers throughout the USA, UK, US, & UAE to generate profitable business growth.

Lead Generation90%
Conversion Rate Optimization80%
Search Campaign90%
Call Ads95%
Display Ads85%

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